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2015 Jerry Kaufman Playwriting Award Winner Blog/Entries/2015/5/2_My_one_woman_show_%22One_Raelettes_Journey%22_wins_Jerry_Kaufman_Award..html

Note from Sandi Blair... “Cynthia, your mother inspired you to write stuff that defies a dry eye in the listening vicinity.” 



One Raelette’s Journey

Conceived, Written and Performed by Cynthia Scott

     In this original, autobiographical, monodrama a classic song stylist conducts a tour of her life as a Raelette with the legendary, Ray Charles. This multimedia

presentation takes the audience from a watershed moment in the life of Cynthia Scott to the present as she matures to manifest her history in a vibrant expression of story and original songs

     Cynthia’s journey is filled with poignant moments that frustrate, warm, and excite. The ‘60s decade of church bombings and unrest provide the backdrop for a young preacher’s kid from El Dorado, Arkansas who is just beginning to find her voice. Later, Scott’s vocal talents land her a coveted position as a Raelette, negotiating the brilliant music of Ray Charles’s and his even more difficult mind games. This tough initiation sets the stage for a life in music filled with rich experiences, but at what cost?

     In deep introspection, Cynthia candidly examines how she has lived her life and used her talents. What circumstances led this youngest daughter of twelve to perform “the devil’s music” on stages all over the world. Cynthia’s journey reveals an artist’s inner struggle as she searches for identity, the meaning of sacrifice, and the answer to: What is the worth of a life in The Arts and where do we go from here?

“A beautiful and stunningly performed piece” – Austin Pendleton

A full video performance is available for viewing for producers, theaters, etc. Contact

                                 or call 212 491-8782

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*** Synopsis  - Read Below

One Raelette's Journey is one of the most moving, the most joyous, the most heartbreaking, and the most

uplifting one-person shows I've ever seen.   Cynthia Scott is a wonderful actress and a wonderful singer.  Those two things don't always go together, but they certainly do in this show, with this actress, this singer.  She has a riveting story to tell, and she tells it in a way that I don't think anybody who sees it will ever forget.  This means, of course, that she is also a fine, fine writer.  She has a way with words, and a way with a narrative line, that comes together with some kind of magic that is all its own.  I recommend her, and her show, very, very highly to your attention.    Austin  Pendleton